Uniform Guide

Dress Code Information

At Precious Lambs Academy, Our uniform policy is designed to create a consistent and comfortable dress code for all children.

The uniform consists of a royal blue or white polo shirt, available in short or long sleeves. For warmer months, students can wear khaki pants or shorts. Girls may also wear khaki skirts or dresses.

Each uniform proudly displays our school patch, which can be purchased at the front desk for a nominal fee of $4. We ask that families sew the patch onto their child’s uniform. Patches need to be sewn on the left side of the shirt over the “heart”. 

For the safety and well-being of our students, we require them to wear socks and closed-toe rubber sole shoes every day. This policy not only creates a sense of belonging, but it also ensures a practical and safe learning environment for all our precious lambs.

PLA School Patch Sew the patch on your child's uniform

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